Camping Through Comixology’s Panel At New York Comic Con

Comixology2by Ale Bodden

One of the biggest issues during conventions, lately, are the lines/wait to get into panels. The only way that you’re able to secure a seat for the panel you want is having to get there 3 hours in advance and sitting through a couple of panels before the one you actually want to see. That can go one of two ways, usually: some might not be as interesting but then there are some surprising ones that open your eyes and introduce you to some new amazing things. For two years in a row Comixology has done that for me: their panel last year convinced me to give digital comics a try (and I’ve fallen in love with it), made me love Guided View, and introduced me to new artists and stories like Reilly Brown, Deadly Class,…

This year, of all the panels I had to sit through (either camping or the ones I chose) Comixology took the cake. Since the room was mostly filled up with people camping for the Doctor Who panel they changed their game plan and did amazingly. First they took questions from those who were there for it and then they explained to the crowd who they were, what Comixology is and its perks, gave us names of forums that can help if you are into creating, explained Comixology’s Submission process for all interested in getting their works out there. They even came up, right on the spot, with a code to get the #1 issue of the 11th Doctor for free at their site.

After a nice conversation with the crowd they asked if everyone in the room read comics. Given the lack of hands they asked about their interest in reading comics and hands shot up like crazy to the air. They asked the crowd to line up behind the mic and ask for recommendations according to the shows, books, movies, and genres they liked. They did not disappoint.

For those into dark and deep stories they recommended Saga, Sadman, and Hellblazer. For the time-traveling, Doctor Who, and Outlander fans they suggested Black Science. For the Supernatural fans they pointed to Preacher and Hellblazer, which was an inspiration for the show itself- and keep in mind there are Supernatural comics as well.

Planetary and The Bunker were suggested for those into Fringe and dystopian future. If you’re into Fantasy, you might want to check into Red Queens and Skull-Kickers. For fans of Terry Pratchett and dragons they suggested East of West. And if you’re looking into psychological thrillers they have 100 Bullets, The Wake, and Wytches. Also Hack/Slash for those into cute and violent.

They pointed out they have manga for all of us who love it, and for fans of Ghost in the Shell they suggested Sheltered and Prophet. And for those who have kids that love Adventure Time they have Lumberjanes, Bones, and Aw Yeah Comics.

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