Lying In New York’s Gutters – 13th October 2014


That was the New York Comic Con that was… here are the twenty most popular traffic posts of the last seven days.

  1. A Quick Look At The Two Minute Avengers 2 Age Of Ultron Trailer Shown This Morning
  2. CONFIRMED: Fantastic Four To Be Cancelled In 2015
  3. Chris Claremont On Why X-Men Writers Aren’t Allowed To Create New Characters
  4. Marvel Announces ‘No More Mutants’ For January 2015 
  5. Marvel Announces Secret Wars 2015 To Follow Time Runs Out
  6. First Images Of Reverse-Flash Hit The Web
  7. Static Shock Comes To The Big Screen
  8. What Is Batman Endgame? It’s Batman Vs. The Justice League
  9. Social Media Reacts To… The Cancelling Of The Fantastic Four
  10. Fox Are In Deep Development On A Live-Action X-Men TV Series
  11. Today, Amazing Spider-Man Will Destroy Your Childhood Memories
  12. Robert Downey Jr. Confirms Iron Man 4 And Gives The Latest On Sherlock Holmes 3 
  13. 135 Cosplay Photos From Day 3 Of NYCC
  14. Scott Snyder Has Successfully Persuaded DC Comics To Push Batman Back To $3.99
  15. Marvel’s Daredevil Panel In NYCC – With Rosario Dawson
  16. Axel Alonso’s Very Kind Address To Marvel’s Creators Regarding Bleeding Cool
  17. From The Marvel Booth At NYCC – So What Do We Know About Secret Wars?
  18. Doctor Who – The Companion Conundrum
  19. 55 More Cosplay Photos From NYCC
  20. Hasbro Shows Us A Few Avengers: Age Of Ultron Toy

And for more you might prefer… look forward to our comic con round up piece coming soon. Just as soon as I’ve landed!







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