Once Upon A Time Has Frozen Over!

Once Upon A Time Has Frozen Over!

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Written by Christine Marie Vinciquarra

For those of you who don’t already know, I am a diehard Once Upon a Time fan! So when I found out about the Once Upon a Time Has Frozen Over! panel at NYCC, I pretty much lost my mind. It was exciting enough for me to find out that co-creators and executive producers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz were going to be there, but when I saw that Jennifer Morrison (who plays main character Emma) was also going to be there, I went berserk! I don’t usually cosplay anything, but I was seriously tempted to buy a red leather jacket and tall brown boots for the occasion…

A big chunk of this time slot was taken up by an early showing of this Sundays episode. I don’t want to give any spoilers away, because that would be mean…but I will tell you that it was insanely fun sitting in a room with thousands of Once Upon a Time fans reacting to some awesome moments. When the actual panel began, I couldn’t help but be amazed at how charming and beautiful Jennifer Morrison is. What you see on TV is half of how gorgeous she is in person.


Anyway, obviously Frozen was a huge part of this discussion because the season is focusing on it in a very major way. When talking about Once Upon a Time’s integration of Frozen into the story creators Adam and Edward talked about their concerns. The biggest concern for them was to be true to the frozen characters. Because the characters are so new and modern, they didn’t need to be updated in anyway. They reassured us that this won’t just be a tale about Anna’s wedding. The story is sure to develop in it’s own “Once Upon a Time” way. Adam said, “We didn’t want to reinvent something that was so amazing to begin with.”

When discussion started about Emma’s relationship with Regina everyone agreed that they are the real core of the show. Jennifer added, “Obviously Regina and Emma have come a long way since we started in season one…but they are women that have both made mistakes.” I was of course thrilled when the discussion turned to Hook and how his character is developing as time goes on. Hook is inevitably going to be inspired by Emma as the story continues, but his pirate side will never die. Apparently, Emma and Hooks first date is coming soon! Can I get a woot woot!?

Edward briefly mentioned Rumples journey throughout this upcoming season and stated, “everything he is doing is for a reason, and that reason is to benefit himself.” When asked if there are any characters they want to bring into the show that they haven’t yet, they confessed to having a wish list. In my opinion, the panel wasn’t nearly long enough. However, I could listen to them talk for hours and never get bored. To close, Jennifer Morrison teased, “There are some really good twists coming.” That’s not shocking for true OUAT fans, since every episode ends on a cliffhanger! A new episode of Once Upon a Time airs this Sunday at 8pm on ABC.

Christine Marie Vinciquarra is a writer and bibliomaniac with a love for all things creative. Some of her favorite things include: Batgirl, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Saga, Game of Thrones (the books and the show), Johnny Depp, and all things Disney. She spends her weekends feeding her competitive side while she plays tabletop and/or video games with her husband and friends. She is currently working on a series of young adult fantasy novels. You can find her on Twitter and Instagram @AWritersWay or on her blog writerchristinemarie.wordpress.com.


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