NYCC: The Archie Action Hour: Sonic The Hedgehog And Mega Man

Christine Marie Vinciquarra writes for Bleeding Cool:

You could almost hear the sounds of shiny gold coins chiming in combination with a few “pew pew pew’s” from a mega buster as the room quickly filled with die hard Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man fans.

ArchieSonicMega1The Archie Action Hour: Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man panel consisted of Paul Kaminski (Archie Comics Executive Director of Editorial) Mike Pellerito (Archie Comics President) Vincent Lovallo (Assistant Editor) Ryan Jampole, Ben Hunzeker, Jennifer Hernandez, Jamal Peppers, and Jon Gray.

The beginning of Archie Action Hour started with an announcement and colorful image of the next Sonic/Mega Man crossover comic entitled “Mega Man and Sonic Worlds Unite.” This is the second arc that will involve both Mega Man and Sonic.

In 2013 Archie Action had one of their biggest events, which was the first meeting between Sonic and Mega Man called, “Words Collide.” Villians, Dr. Wily and Dr. Eggman teamed up in a sort of evil bromance that resulted in an explosive story arc. For those of you who don’t know, Worlds Collide affected both Sonic and Mega Man in a pretty negative way. Assistant Editor, Vincent Lovallo described it as a “cataclysmic event.” Both of the characters experienced harsh times. Lovallo switched gears back to the upcoming arc, Worlds Unite, and said the following: “Worlds Unite is the second act in the story. It’s going to take what you loved about the first one and blow it up even bigger, in ways that I wish I could talk about…but I can’t, because lawyers from Sega and Capcom would run and throw papers at me.”

ArchieSonicMega2As the panel continued it was impossible not to laugh as our rooms applause and cheering rivaled the room next to us. Each cheer fit in perfectly with every new reveal of a variant, or character announcement. A Mega Man cosplayer entered the room mid-panel causing the crowd to cheer even louder than before. We were shown a multitude of cover variants, panels, and exclusive photos throughout the rest of the hour, which you can view below.

For those of you that are behind on the happenings in the Sonic Universe, you may want to pick up Sonic Super Digest, or Sonic Super Special Magazine. While both consist of a sampling of stories throughout the comics history, the magazine is more of a collectors package that includes more special features, and interviews with artists. For the fans of the comic books, there are new stories featured in both.

ArchieSonicMega3Overall, it was an exciting panel that definitely rekindled my interest for Sonic comics. Perhaps it’s time for me to put down the controller, and catch up on the happenings in this intense universe.

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