Boom Commits To Multi-Year Publishing Deal For James Tynion’s The Woods

the-woods-boom-tynion-dialynasBoom Studios is definitely been upping their original series of late with the likes of Lumberjanes, Sirens, Wild’s End, Hexed and Translucid.

And one of them was The Woods by Batman writer James Tynion IV. Boom’s best original series launch since Waid’s Irredeemable, itself broken by George Perez‘ Sirens.

With a nicked-from-Image Comics first collection for $9.99 price point, and a new Tynion project in Memetic also looking to launch large, I understand that Boom will be committing to publish The Woods until its planned conclusion in a number of years time.

This is hoped will redefine the book in the public’s eye, as something akin to Transmetropolitan, Sandman, Preacher, Scalped or Fables.

And at NYCC, I expect that we’ll get the number of issues. 25? 36? 60? How deep do these woods go?

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