Bleeding Cool Bestseller List - 5th October 2014 - The Death of Wolverine And The Launch Of... Ther?

Bleeding Cool Bestseller List – 5th October 2014 – The Death of Wolverine And The Launch Of… Ther?

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This is the Top Ten Bleeding Cool Bestseller List, as compiled by a number of comic stores from their sales on Wednesday and Thursday. It measures what are known as the “Wednesday Warriors”, those who can’t wait to the weekend to get this week’s comics. We salute you, and the keenness you bring to your passion.

Batman Eternal, usually a favourite for the top of this list is beaten by the Death Of Wolverine, the relaunch of the new Thor and the general, everyday issue of The Walking Dead.

  1. Death of Wolverine #3
  2. Thor #1
  3. Walking Dead #132
  4. Batman Eternal #26
  5. Justice League #34
  6. Captain America #25
  7. Uncanny Avengers #25
  8. Detective Comics #35
  9. New 52 Futures End #22
  10. Godhead #1

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Who had this to say….

Lot of big sellers this week. For all the huffing and puffing about never buying Thor again it was a huge, huge hit. Death of Wolverine is a gimmick that seems to be working. We’re over ordering and still selling out. I don’t if it’s the movie or what but putting Bucky Barnes in front of Winter Soldier translates to sales. The Bitter March (which was really good) hardly sold at all. 

People still love Spider-Man 2099, and sold out of Edge of Spider-verse on Wednesday once again. 
And yet another week with the only DC books in our top ten all have “bat” in the name. No one came in droves for Gotham Academy though I didn’t expect it to be a Wednesday barn-burner. Little more surprised by the shrugs that greeted Lobo #1. 

Good week for sales over all. Always great to see unfamiliar faces in the shop.

No DC bump because of last month’s 3D covers–this week, covers went 2D, customers went to Marvel and Image.

Sudden interest in out-of-print Marvel Omnibus, Marvel Masterworks, and DC Archives editions.

A big week of books. Batman Futures End and Walking Dead lead the way with the Death of Wolverine right behind. Wolverine is suddenly selling 3 times what the lead-in was selling. Go figure. Batman Eternal is still holding strong and not shedding any readers. Hoping that the Futures End tie ins will bring some new readers to that series. Edge of Spider-Verse had a decent start, selling about half of Spider-Man. Prometheus Fire & Stone was a real surprise, selling out of what I thought was a decent order on Wednesday. Disappointment in the shipping schedule and ending of series has caused Hawkeye to be left on the shelf. 

I’ve been reading on message boards that the DC 3D covers and Death of Wolverine haven’t been doing well for some stores, but I have had zero trouble moving any of them. Sold out of 4 of the DC 3D titles this week even though I upped my orders over the regular series numbers across the board. And it’s nice to see that DC overprinted and reorders are on the way. 

Nothing really moved trade-wise, which lead to a disappointing Wednesday compared to last week.

Good week. Batman Eternal sold out along with the weekly Future’s End on Wednesday. Death of Wolverine still a strong seller but it has slowed down a lot. The delay might have hurt sales. Captain America 25 and Thor 1 had a big boost in sales with their changes.

This Saturday Bob Layton visits the store and people want Iron Man comics that he worked on so Iron Man back issues have been very hot. Sold a graded copy of Deadpool’s intro in New Mutants 98. Batman issues from the new 52 are hot.

Crazy week in comics! Marvel, DC & Image all out the gate with some heavy hitters! Death of Wolverine had people coming in like crazy, and most of them left with a copy of THOR #1 too. Thor sold like mad, I don’t think we had a Marvel customer that didn’t pick it up. Uncanny Avengers continues to climb in numbers with every issue. Justice League sold great, but I heard from numerous customers that they were disappointed that Fabok wasn’t on interiors yet. Men of Wrath sold great, I think everyone we have who gets Southern Bastards grabbed that book without a second thought. Brubaker & Phillips The Fade Out #2 did crazy numbers here too. All in all a fantastic week in new books!

Sold out of Thor by 2 o’clock. Very unexpected. Ordered a lot more than normal. Surprised by the success of Guardians 3000. With no Groot or Rocket, I wasn’t sure how it would fare. Dissappointed with sales of the March to Axis books including Uncanny Avengers #25. Very concerned that my Axis numbers are too high. No buzz, lots of confusion regarding it.
One fun side effect of the DC September Futures End stunt is that I am selling out of regular Futures End. It apparently created a lot more interest in the regular series than I expected.

Our Best Wednesday EVER.  New customers seemed to come out of nowhere for THER #1 (I guess you can’t say Thor anymore) Walking Dead and Rat Queens rolled in. Our Indy Customers had both in every stack..  Lobo saved Dc this week with a sell out while the rest of the titles kinda of just sat. Great week to be a comic book fan!

THOR devastated the competition without even trying. I didn’t even have to include all the NONSENSE blank, baby, incentive covers in my counts and THOR still came in at #1 well above the competition.

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