A Short Story Of Dusk

Artists (Inkers, Pencillers, Letterers) – Joamette Gil – http://joamettegil.com/ Walter Jimenez II Sean Carner – http://dirkmaximus.com/ Franc Czuba Jeff Hurst – http://luancia.deviantart.com/

Writers – David Doub, Shannon McDonald 

David Doub writes,

Our basic plan for our Kickstarter is to get the finishing touches done on the 3rd Volume of our flagship title Dusk. Some pages need to be inked, and some pages to be lettered and then it all has to be formatted correctly for our printer and then it’s all good to go. We use the Print on Demand service Lightning Source so you need to have a pretty finished product because while their service and speed is great, they aren’t a publisher themselves and they aren’t going to help you do the layout on your book (especially if it’s a graphic novel because they mainly do traditional books). But I digress, working with POD and Lighting Source is an article all into itself.

The person who is doing all this final work is the comic mercenary Joamette Gil (http://joamettegil.com/). Jokingly I call her a comic merc, but in all honesty there hasn’t been an artistic situation she hasn’t been able to help me with, as long as the rate is good. For the 3rd volume of Dusk, she had drawn, inked and lettered a whole chapter for me. So to make sure she is getting a fair wage to do the finishing polish on the book, all the money we are asking for is going straight to her (minus Kickstater fees, taxes, shipping and other overhead).

I’ve known Joey since we both were part of Rachel Nabor’s (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rachel_Nabors) online community eons ago. I was the know-it-all elder creator and she was a shrewd young upstart ready to take on the world. It was a great time of wide eyed ambition and just having fun with comics. I am still glad to hear word about what some of the old alumni are up to in the various creative fields.

Below is a special preview just for Bleeding Cool readers. It’s the story that Joey did all the heavy lifting on. It’s interesting how this story subconsciously was made by me to fit well with Joamette. The story is about a young Hispanic girl who has to adjust to a new life in a different place and a different culture. Funnily enough around the same time that the character Bianca is traveling to a snowy clime populated by a lot of Cuacasians, Joey had moved up north to Washington to attend the Evergreen State College. I enjoy how synchronicity works at times.

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About Dusk

As a battered wife, Eve’s only concern was keeping her marriage together. But when she is kidnapped into the sordid supernatural world of vampires and foul magic, Eve finds she doesn’t want to leave. Her mysterious benefactor, the Vampire Lord Ash, wishes her to have a normal life, but Eve chooses to stay in his service. Dusk is the story of Eve’s challenges living in the darkness, a supernatural action-drama told through a dynamic blend of the sequential art styles of American comics and Japanese manga. Several artists help tell these stark noir tales of vampires and unrequited love.

About Dusk Volume 3: Ashes:

Eve: beautifully flawed and horribly broken. You have all read her misadventures as she has struggled to find her place in the dark world of Dusk. But now in Volume 3, we take some quick glances at her reluctant benefactor, the vampire Lord Ash. See how Ash’s tragic origin is wielded against him like a poisoned dagger. Enjoy a story of betrayal and loss as Eve and Ash meet for the first time. Through Eve’s distorted perspective, watch as her Ash comes alive just for her. Of course, spread out amongst the pages are other tales of the supernatural that Eve battles through, like Dusk’s unique take on werewolves.
Won’t you join us and enjoy the trials that await Eve and the others?
From the safety of your chair, join in the macabre horror that is Dusk.

About the Publisher:

Dusk Comics is an independent publisher of comics that works with a myriad of different styles, themes, and genres in order to bring our readers the best in graphic entertainment. Our flagship series, Dusk, is a prime example of our philosophy in action. Dusk is a paranormal mystery tale told through separate stories done by a variety of artists, whose unique artistic takes service different moods and themes in each vignette. This gives the reader “snapshots” into the world of Dusk and its characters’ lives from different angles and perspectives to provide a more full view of the overall drama and action.



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