Amazon Glitchwatch – Spider-Verse Gets Even Glitchier

Recently Bleeding Cool pointed out that the Amazon solicitation for the Spider-Man: Spider-Verse crossover collection was a bargain, 620 pages in hardcover down from a price tag of $39.99 to $30.44 even though the actual price was $75. We figured things would get sorted out soon but people might nab a bargain before that happened.

And indeed it was sorted out. But now it has glitched again, worse than before. It is now correctly listed with the sticker price of $75 but now discounted to $26.44 and the page count bumped up to 700.


A 65% discount is higher than any comic store will get from Diamond – including Amazon. Adding in shipping, Amazon are selling thus comic at a loss.

It is now the second bestselling graphic novel on Amazon, just behind the Joker Mask Death of The Family boxset. I wonder why…

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