The Return Of Tom Mason's Dinosaurs For Hire?

6e064aec-1b38-4871-8fee-b38afc7cc25eDinosaurs For Hire was a comic created by Tom Mason in 1988 for Eternity Comics. When Eternity became an imprint of Malibu, it was revamped as a new series and inspired a video game from Sega for the Genesis. The comic then joined The Protectors universe continuity in the Malibu Genesis crossover and was cancelled again.

Malibu was then purchased by Marvel in 1993, but the book was never published again and the rights issue was never addressed. It was certainly rather unclear.

Well that seems to be changing now. Tom Mason has just applied to register the trademark for Tom Mason's Dinosaurs For Hire, for the fields of,

comic books; prints, namely, art, cartoon, color and lithographic prints; publications, namely, books, magazines, fan club newsletters, newsletters, and bulletins in the field of entertainment; sketchbook albums; trading cards online downloadable comic book series

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