How Superman: Doomed #2 Goes Straight Back To Infinite Crisis (FINAL PAGE SPOILERS)

How Superman: Doomed #2 Goes Straight Back To Infinite Crisis (FINAL PAGE SPOILERS)

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So, Superman: Doomed #2 is out today. The final issue of this crossover event that has pitted Superman against Doomsday in a far more internal fashion than previously portrayed, with plenty of schemes, plans and plots laid bare.

But this series, conceived by Scott Lobdell, seems to have a greater continuity purpose towards the end. Remember that scene from Infinite Crisis with Superboy Prime punching and shattering reality?

81560-186971-superboy-prime_superShowing as it did a variety of multidimensional realities for a variety of characters…

Well, the final page of Superman Doomed #2 seems to have a similar feel…

superIsn’t that the Pre-52 universe? Is this where the Blood Moon two month Band-Aid event starts, where we have reported various multidimensional characters are pitted against each other, including those from the Pre 52? Which will have a weekly series running through it by Scott Lobdell?

Is this the world where the Booster Gold and Blue Beetle in Justice League 300 will pop out from? 

Check our slightly less spoilery previous post on today’s Booster Gold: Futures End as well….

Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics in London. With a Gerry Duggan signing today, and the continuing Scene & Heard exhibition.



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