Dark Horse Publisher Mike Richardson Talks About Milo Manara And *That* Spider-Woman Cover


Issues regarding Milo Manara’s upcoming Spider-Woman variant cover for Marvel Comics have featured repeatedly on Bleeding Cool, before they were picked up by media across the planet.

Mike Richardson, Publisher and owner of Dark Horse Comics, who have been publishing remastered volumes of Manara’s erotica, writes for Bleeding Cool. 

I’ve been asked by a number of people to comment on the Spider Woman cover by Milo Manara. Rather than repeatedly answering or putting off questions, I thought I’d give my own thoughts here once and for all.

First, it needs to be said that Manara is a legend and one of the greatest artists in comics history. A good portion of his work is erotic. The editors at Marvel knew this when they hired him. I’m sure they looked forward to the increased sales his work would bring.

Second, Google Spider Woman and click on “images.” Have you ever looked at the character’s costume? The only way you know she has a costume is by the color of her skin.

I think the whole so-called controversy is more than a little hypocritical given the big busts and skin tight outfits that are a staple of the comics industry.

Maybe the real conversation here is to ask why our industry supports books that continually objectify women.

The Manara Library, collecting the work of Milo Manara is published by Dark Horse Comics.

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