Retailers Get To Quiz Marvel’s Big Wigs At New York Comic Con

Image (20)Comic book retailers are getting their own special meeting and presentation with the executives of Marvel Comics at New York Comic Con, entitled Meet Marvel Editorial.

In what is basically a real life version of The Avengers, teaming up to face the onslaught of enraged retailers are Dan Buckley – President, TV, Publishing & Brand Management, David Gabriel – SVP, Sales and Marketing, Axel Alonso – Editor In Chief, Tom Brevoort – SVP, Executive Editor, Mike Marts – Executive Editor, Jeanine Schaefer – Senior Manager, Talent Relations, Sana Amanat – Editor, Nick Lowe – Senior Editor and Mark Paniccia – Senior Editor will be taking questions and answers from retailers.

That’s if they apply in advance. And then go to a retailers only meeting at New York Comic Con to pick up the tickets, in person. Airlock after airlock.

Those who do get in, will also get special NYCC exclusive variant cover copies of Amazing Spider-Man #7, Axis #1, Death Of Wolverine #4 and Fantastic Four Annual #1.

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