It's Tricky To Rock A Comic - RUN-DMC.'s Darryl McDaniels Gets His Geek On With An Alternate 1985 - Preview

It’s Tricky To Rock A Comic – RUN-DMC.’s Darryl McDaniels Gets His Geek On With An Alternate 1985 – Preview

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Hip Hop loves comics. Comics love hip hop. And this is the latest mash between the two.

An alternative 1985, in New York City, in a time of racial and social turmoil. With the rise of the Guardian Angels – but these ones have superpowers.

And one suspicious of this activity – even as he takes on a super identity himself – is one Darryl McDaniels who, in the world, never founded RUN-DMC. but took up the cape and cowl instead as DMC, while teaching high school English in his secret identity.

I think that’s pretty irresistible, don’t you? This is what Darryl has to say about it all.


DMC #1 is published by Darryl Makes Comics in October. Written by Darryl McDaniels and Damion Scott with Ron Wimberly as Creative Consultant. Cover by Sal Buscema and Bob Wiacek. With art from Chase Conley, Director at FOX ADHD (Axe Cop, Majer Lazer) and Character Designer for Cartoon Network (Black Dynamite), Jeff Stokely (Six-Gun Gorilla), Felipe Smith – Character Designer for Nickelodeon (TMNT), writer for Marvel (Ghost Rider), Mike Davis & Mark Davis, Character Designers for Cartoon Network (Black Dynamite, Boondocks) and Nickelodeon (TMNT) and Shawn Crystal, (Arkham Manor, Deadpool, Fantomex, Uncanny X-Men).

Let’s take a look.

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