Six Pages From The Wicked + The Divine #4, As It Goes A Little Bit Tron

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Issue #3 only came out last week. But it’s time for retailers to place their final orders for The Wicked + The Divine #4 by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie today. So, if you want a copy, and with such Image titles, it’s never guaranteed hat your retailer iwill order enough, do let them know.

And here’s six pages to follow on from #3, untimely ripped from the beginning of #4. It’s time for The Wicked + The Divine to go Tron.

Original, not Legacy, obviously.

TWTDCOV04_variant(1) TWTD004_PRVW-1 TWTD004_PRVW-2 TWTD004_PRVW-3 TWTD004_PRVW-4 TWTD004_PRVW-6spread

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