What Do 99 Sketch Cards For Marvel’s 75th Anniversary Look Like When You Can’t Use The Fantastic Four?

Remember this letter?


Well courtesy of Mick and Matt Glebe, this was their contribution to the Marvel 75th Anniversary Sketch Cards.


Nothing Fourish amongst them.

There were plenty of standard Fantastic Four cards in the base set, but none in the eBayable sketch card offerings – small original pieces of art, often by wannabe comic book creators, commissioned and placed in trading card boxes semi-randomly. And then ebayable for money! Check them all out on eBay. Not a Fantastic Four figure in sight.

Except… one. Somehow a few managed to sneak through. No group shots, no Mr Fantastic or Invisible Woman. But there are these,

$_57 (1) $_35

You could of course argue that this is the original Human Torch, so exempt.

But not this…


Well done Mr. Prince sir! We don’t know how you managed it but… congratulations!

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