Who Made Thor Unworthy To Hold His Hammer? (Original Sin #7 SPOILERS)


Today’s Original Sin #7 looks like it will be leading right into the upcoming storyline in which a woman is granted the power of Thor, by picking up his hammer.


But how does Thor lose his hammer? Why does he become unworthy? Well, after reading Original Sin #7, we are left none the wiser as to the why. But we understand the how…

Because after demonstrating a full knowledge of the Watcher’s secrets, Nick Fury whispers in Thor’s ear.


Sorry, Thor, we don’t know what he said. But we know what the effect was.


That’s right folks, Nick Fury defeats Thor with a few secret words. What secrets does he know? What shame have they brought on the House Of Odin?

Mind you he’s not the only character defeating Thor today, by way of his hammer. In Fantastic Four


Even Sue Storm has a go – and succeeds!

Today? It’s tough to be a Thunder God.

Comics courtesy of Comic Connections of Banbury, Oxfordshire. Who are running a special summer promotion though August, with a different offer announced on Facebook every Monday.


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