Marvel To Move Forward On An Inhumans Movie – And My Guess At What Vin Diesel Meant

InhumansGuardians of the Galaxy was considered a huge gamble and it has paid off big for Marvel. So it wouldn’t surprise anyone that they would start putting together their next gamble… and according to Collider, it’s going to be the Inhumans.

The report says that the studio is happy with an existing script by Joe Robert Cole. The next step is to take it out to filmmakers in much the same way the studio took Nicole Perlman’s script for Guardians out and found James Gunn to bring his vision and personality to the project. Both Cole and Perlman were part of Marvel’s writing program.

Vin Diesel made a Inhumans reference the other day as well, but it has since been removed from his Facebook page. The gist of it was a quote: “I get the strange feeling that Marvel thinks I’m Inhuman… Haha.” The fact he capitalized the I in Inhumans made folks speculate that maybe he was going to play Black Bolt or something… if he really wanted to mess with people he could have capitalized the S in strange too.

Just total speculation on my own here… if there is an Inhumans movie and you want to tie it into the existing Marvel Cinematic Universe easily… then make it that we’ve already met and loved an Inhuman… say a very odd creature that someone as knowledgeable as the Collector had never heard of. So I’m going to interpret Diesel’s post as him saying that Groot IS an Inhuman. And it would make for a decent origin… if the Terrigen Mist can turn someone into a dog-like creature, it can turn someone into a tree-like one too.

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