The DC Weeklies Panel – No Band-Aid But We Think We Know What It's Called Anyway

Joe Glass has been liveblogging the DC Weeklies panel for Bleeding Cool. There's been no Band-Aid announcement yet, there is of course no necessity that there will be.

And there have been many names I've heard the project where multiversal versions of classic DC characters meet each other, thanks to Brainiac's Bottle Earths, or somesuch, twenty stories, two issues issue with a weekly comic running through the two months.

But I've heard one name, three times. And that happens to be Blood Moon.

But the DC Weeklies panel did let us know,

They will be bringing in The Architect, the character Higgins and Snyder created for Gates of Gotham

Basically in a situation where they are continuing events from the Earth 2 title, with a cast from ground level to higher, and the cataclysm involved. Dick Grayson is included, the World Army and all the way to the top tier characters of that series

Showed an image of a female character with a sickle and sword and giant ass axe standing among the fallen heroes of Earth 2, as they discuss how they are working on world-building but also going back into the older history of the world and titles.

Read moreĀ here….

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