The Sergio And Mark Show At San Diego With Stan Sakai, Gives More Details On Groo: Friends And Foes

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We are eight minutes before the Sergio And Mark Show is about to begin, a tradition at San Diego Comic Con for those of us who have loved the show for decades.

Some stories are old, many are new, all are told with love.

With Mark Evanier, Stan Sakai and Sergio Aragones. And Sergio has just entered the room…



Talking about Stan Lee charging $75 an autograph at a recent Hollywood Show, Sergio has decided to start charging $2.50 a signature…

Mark Evanier talks about Sergio taking him to see the Mad Magazine offices, and passing by a rejected Wally Wood on the way in…

They also talked about the upcoming Groo twelve issue maxi-series, Friends And Foes, each an individual one shot featuring a specific Groo character.

Mark: “There is a connective link between all the issues.”

Sergio: “No there’s not. I thought that we weren’t telling them that.”

Mark:  “We’re not telling them what it is, Sergio”

Including Captain Ahax, Granny Groo, Arcadia and more. Three issues are complete.

And there’s something else that they asked me not to run. So I won’t.

Sergio also gave an impassioned speech against crossovers, as distorting an author’s vision. And Groo/Conan only worked with the appearances of Sergio and Mark to already break the creative vision and enabled them to put them together, as a fantasy or dream.

“I’m not writing Conan or Tarzan or Superman, these are our versions and it works”

They also revealed their recent big argument, that Mark Evanier said that Groo wouldn’t eat animals live, and Sergio saying that he would. And then the argument broke out again on stage.

Look for the gag to appear in Groo/Conan… but replaced by vegetables.


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