Here Comes Diane!

Posted by July 16, 2014 Comment

Diane_Nelson_9.09I understand that, the week before San Diego Comic Con, when editors are rushing to get work in from creators in the knowledge that next week will be a bit of a dead zone in that regard, the President of DC Entertainment, Diane Nelson will be popping in from Burbank to New York.

The last time she came by it was to tell everyone that they were all going to Burbank. Or not.

What could it be this time? So soon to San Diego, that it couldn’t wait until, you know, San Diego?

Maybe she just wants give a big hello. And ask everyone if they’re checked out today’s Harley Quinn comic?

There have been rumours of big name changes at the publisher, that I agreed with DC to hold off running until after the show. But it hasn’t stopped the rumours. Maybe it’s time to address them now?

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