A Few Marvel Rumours On The Downlow

29-1f035-lois1_-c-300x450A semi-regular source gets in touch, as he often does just before a big comic convention to talk Marvel. He's the guy behind posts like thisthis and this. Not everything pans out but there's enough in there to show that it's a guy with some connections, even if they sometimes seem to be at an early stage of the process. Because there is many a slip 'tween Infinity Gauntlet and lip. So knowing that going in, here's the scuttlebutt.

Gary Frank, who of late has been a DC boy working on Batman Earth One and various covers, is back at Marvel on a high profile book. We are to expect an announcement very soon or for San Diego Comic Con.

And while we're at it, we are told to keep an eye on October solicitations for more "stealth" cancellations of Marvel comics.

That might include Mighty Avengers, as I'm told that the this book will be cancelled soon as the Avengers line consolidates to Avengers, New, Uncanny and World. But possibly that might see Avengers World go weekly in 2015, in time for the new movie.

And finally (and this is hardly rocket science) expect new X-editor Mike Marts to bring a few Bat-familiar names over to the Xbooks (indeed, we ran a few half an hour ago), but specifically X-Force.

So… these aren't as primarily sourced as some of my other recent Marvel stories, but they make for a fun read at least…

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