Batgirl Will Have ‘More LGBT Characters Than Ever Before’

One of the many things the Batgirl comic, under Gail Simone, accomplished was the emergence of a regular transgender character in a mainstream superhero comic. No superpowers, just a life. But what future for Alysia in Batgirl now that Gail Simone has left? Well, we assured that the character would still be around, just no longer Barbara Gordon’s flatmate.

But we got another assurance.

Okay, so that’s no assurance on the ‘T’ part. But still quite a claim to make. Looking forward to this coming up in the San Diego panels…

Oh and take a look at bunch of folk doing their version of the new Batgirl costume already.


And will this be the footwear choice of San Diego now? Not available in Men’s styles sadly…


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