Snipe File – A New Comic From Kathryn And Stuart Immonen

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Written by Kathryn Immonen, drawn by Stuart Immonen, Snipe was a limited edition comic-stroke-art object limited to 100 editions and sold at comic conventions.

It has now been released as a ComiXology Submit title for $1.99.

Snipe I follows a wildlife photographer lost in the woods while memories of his previous night’s fever dream gradually surface.




Snipe II is a highly detailed and possibly fictionalized account of the life and career WWII’s most celebrated sniper, Finland’s Simo Häyhä. Where these stories intersect is in the territory of memory and inaccuracy, myth-building and psychosis.

snipeThe second is certainly more experimental than the first, and definitely as intriguing and rewarding – it just makes me wonder what an issue of Amazing X-Men told in this format would be like…


Just in case it passed you by… Snipe.


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