Alan Moore's Feature Film Screenplay, The Show, Is Now Complete

Alan Moore’s Feature Film Screenplay, The Show, Is Now Complete

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Leah Moore has been talking more with Pipedream Comics about the Electricomics line and developing platform she is editing, in collaboration with a number of comic book creators and coders, including her father Alan Moore.

Bleeding Cool remains a big fan of the work of both. And the moment the Electricomics App is made available, we’re going to have a go at trying to make new kinds of comics with it ourselves. There’s an Alice In Wonderland take I want to try, though it will be a little different from Alan’s take on the character.

Leah talks further about her father’s involvement,

He attends every meeting, chips in on every part of the discussion, from creative decisions, to budgetary concerns, and technical decisions. He’s completely up for it and I think that seeing as he won’t be able to actually access the comics himself at the end of it, it shows a tremendous commitment!

As well as also telling us, and providing a click-baity headline to get you to read this far, regarding Alan’s film project The Show, from which the Electricomics concept was derived,

Dad has just finished the screenplay for the feature length film.

The first film screenplay of Moore’s Fashion Beast, was written in the mid eighties and more recently adapted into comics. This looks far more likely to be produced in its intended format..




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