Speculation Corner: Enormous Is Looking Enormous

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Enormous was an enormous comic from Image.

It left.

It is now being published by the far smaller publisher 215 Ink. The demand for it however, hasn’t dropped, even though retailers reduced their order dramatically or the new series.

You know what happens next, right?

The original Image once shot sells for $8 on eBay.

The new 215 Ink issue, just out does sells for $10 on eBay, in a far shorter time, and stocks are drying up, there is noting available to buy on eBay for under $12. The Phantom variant, available for cover price from the Phantom group of comic retailers, sells for $13. And a pack of the three covers, sells for $29 the pop, with eBay sellers now rising their prices to $50.

Can we expect a feature film announcement any time soon? This is what often happens…


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