Brian Bendis Teases The Convergence Of The Ultimate And 616 Universes In Today’s Ultimate Spider-Man


We know in the upcoming Time Runs Out event in Avengers that the storyline about incursions of parallel worlds into ours, with one having to be be destroyed or both will be.

There has been speculation that the conclusion of this event may lead to a Marvel reboot, and it’s something that Marvel have certainly encouraged retailers to think.

And there is also speculation that this may be the Marvel 616 and the Ultimate Marvel earth, incursing upon each other. And that one will have to be destroyed – or maybe they could merge, ending the Ultimate Universe but keeping the best bits.

Well, in today’s Miles Morales: Ultimate Spider-Man sees Brian Bendis putting words into one Ms Marvel wannabe,,,

Image (17)Could this be the shape of things to come? The work of a mad individual? Or both?

Bendis has been doing this for a while of course…

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