Marvel Comics' Time Runs Out - A Cover Dissection (UPDATE)

Marvel Comics’ Time Runs Out – A Cover Dissection (UPDATE)

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So, Time Runs Out, coming from the mind of Jonathan Hickman (and first seen online on Bleeding Cool) to a comic store near you in September, as Avengers and New Avengers jump forward eight months until the DC Band Aid…

No, sorry, sorry, getting confused again. We start with Avengers….


That’s Thor wielding the Dwarven forged Jarnbjorn axe, as he used when young, which can pierce Celestial armour.

Uncanny Avengers 006-005 (1)

Somehow, Thor becomes unworthy of Mjolnir, possibly as we saw in the recent New Avengers. 


Though that was 422 years away. Still.

UPDATE: Oh yes, he seems to have the Destroyer’s arm.

The old, decrepit guy is Steve Rogers, now really feeling the effects of the super soldier serum being negated.


The guy with his shield is Falcon, the new Captain America, who takes up the Cap mantle in Steve’s stead.

Then we have Hulk and Havok. And we know what’s happening with him over in Axis…

UPDATE: Unless that’s not Havok and that’s Iron Man… as he was in Age Of Ultron?


Talking of which, the fellow silhouetted on the cover of Axis #1?



That would also be FalCap (as I’m sure some folk will take to calling him.) So, yes, for those keeping count, we are getting a black Captain America.



And the other Time Runs Out cover for New Avengers?


That looks like Thanos, Proxima Midnight and alternate reality Terrax on the far left, Namor and Maximus of the Inhumans in the middle, Black Swan on the right, and the far right, after the last couple issues, is Corvus Glaive from Infinity, resurrected.


Like that. As he no longer seems to be trapped in the amber…


So… what else do you see?

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