Peter David Writes Deadpool’s Art Of War


It feels a match made in heaven. Peter David and Deadpool. Why has it taken so long?

And with Scott Koblish, Marvel will be giving us a reworking of Sun Tzu’s Art Of War as a new 4-issue mini-series kicking off in October, Deadpool’s Art Of War.

The Merc With a Mouth knows a thing or two about combat, and he’s gearing up to write his own version of Art of War. I mean, Sun Tzu didn’t even have laser guided missiles or an Incredible Hulk back then, so how accurate can his book on war really be? But it’ll take more than a great book if Deadpool wants to outsell the original. His plan? Cause enough chaos and war across the world that they’ll have to buy his book when it comes out! How’s that for strategy?

Works for me.

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