Original Sin – More Catholic Guilt For Daredevil?

Frank Miller told the story. Of Matt Murdoch’s parents, whose mother became a nun, Sister Maggie, leaving ex-boxer Jack Murdoch to bring up Matt by himself. At the time she wrote that their relationship was a sin and she feared for the views of her father. But was it more that that?

Matt and his mother reunited years later, but a subsequent story to be written by Frank Miller and drawn by Walt Simonson was never completed or published, Miller just writing the script to the first part of a planned two parter.

And now Marvel is publishing the story of why Jack and Maggie broke up, why she was driven to the church and why Matt believed she was dead, with Daredevil #6, revealed through the Original Sin story and the Watcher’s eyebomb.

And from this preview, it doesn’t look good for Jack’s reputation… and a rather interesting execution of the Eisner/Miller graveyard from Javier Rodriquez.

Daredevil_06_Preview_1 Daredevil_06_Preview_2 Daredevil_06_Preview_3

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