Laura Palmer’s House Is For Sale. I Wouldn’t Live There In A Million Yours, Your Mileage Might Vary

Not much has shaken me up like the Cousin Maddie’s last episode of Twin Peaks. I could certainly never live in the Palmer house.

If you’re not so delicate (ie. you’re made of iron) then perhaps you want to consider a move. Welcome to Twin Peaks have discovered that the house of Leland and Sarah Palmer is for sale.

Here’s just a sampling of the brilliant comparison images they put together.

palmer 1 palmer 2 palmer 3

Yep, there’s still a rocking chair there that featured in the show.

The asking price isĀ $549,950, which seems like nothing to an Oxfordian like myself. You’ll want to budget for some kind of Lynch-compatible exorcist and ceiling fan engineer too.