Doctor Who Series 8 – Old Monsters Return And New Guest Star Signs Up

The BBC have officially unveiled a new guest star and a returning “villain” for the upcoming eighth series of Doctor Who. You may consider one or the other or both of these announcements a spoiler, but you should also expect to be ambushed by them in trailers and marketing so, really, you might as well get in on the news now. Something to talk about in the pub, innit?


Michelle Gomez has been cast as a character called The Gatekeeper of the Nethersphere. She’s going to play against the Cybermen. You can tell as both are in this picture together. I don’t know what a Nethersphere is but it sounds a bit naughty. Sort of.

According to Steven Moffat, Gomez is “a tiny bit satanic.” Nice of him to say so.


Doctor Who returns on August 23rd.