Nine Thoughts About The Flash TV Pilot That I Shouldn’t Have Been Allowed To See


Thank you YouTube (now taken down, sadly). But the Flash TV pilot roars around the internet it seems.

1. Days Of Future Yet To Come.


The red and the yellow bursts foreshadows what is to happen – but also indicates a time travel plot in our future. Flash and Reverse Flash to battle and, in the process, kill Barry’s mother?


But who could that mysterious man in yellow be?



2. Subtitles Only He Can See


Steven Moffat has lots to answer for. Does every detective have to see floating words in front of them when looking at stuff now? Shame we didn’t get this for the cow poo…

3. Lapstopped


So, who doesn’t store their important dissertation in the cloud rather than on a laptop without backups?

4. Bang Bang


At what point do two detectives facing armed assailants call for backup? Is this a macho thing?

5. A Heady Cocktail


So, yes, it can’t just be lightning and chemicals, it has to be lightning, chemicals and a particle accelerator.

6. They’re Everywhere


We now have a freak of the week, Smallville style.

7. If You Build It They Will Come

Hey everyone, we’re putting a Justice League together.




8. Ape Out

But who can we find for them to fight?


9. Can We Get A Ten Season Commitment?

And yes, about that last scene.


So yes, shock horror, you actually still have newspapers in ten years time. And while the Red Skies indicates a Crisis On Infinite Earths, it could just simply be the original Crisis On Earth-Two that’s happening here…

Ten More Years! Ten More Years! Ten More Years! But will we even have television then, to watch it on?

Conclusion? It’s all right I suppose. Very Smallvilley, and I doubt that’s by accident. But it’s no Misfits.

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