First Trailer For David Ayer's Fury

First Trailer For David Ayer’s Fury

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Brad Pitt clearly has no time for Logan Lerman’s jumpiness at being in a war zone, but takes him under his wing anyway, in the first trailer for David Ayer’s WWII tank actioner Fury.

Lerman plays a newbie who’s clearly supposed to be a stand-in for the audience’s first journey into the world of the Fury tank crew, made up of Pitt, Michael Pena, Jon Bernthal and Shia LaBeouf. They’ve been at this a while, but Lerman’s newbie still freaks out when he has to shoot his first enemy combatant.

The big battle sequence looks to come when the five-man crew has to defend themselves against a 500-men strong enemy squad. Let’s hope it won’t involve too much shaky-cam cinematography.


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