Will Smith Out, Jared Leto In For Superpowers-n-Terrorism Thriller, Brilliance

jared leto

Will Smith pulled out of Brilliance a short while back leaving many, myself included, wondering if the film was now just going to fall apart. It happens all of the time. Pictures are packaged around stars, and when they don't commit, the studio loses its appetite.

But not this time. Deadline were the first to report that Jared Leto will taking up the mantle.

Brilliance is based on a sci-fi novel by Marcus Sakey and should, in theory, start a franchise. On the other hand, this is a genre project for a recent Oscar winner and… well, they tend not to go well at all.

David Koepp has adapted Brilliance, and Julius Onah will direct. This is a mighty expensive film to rest on Jared Leto.