Enter The Ninjago Clip – Our First Taste, It Seems, Of Warner Bros.' Next Lego Movie

As well as two 'vanilla' Lego movies, Warner Bros. also have the rights to create a Ninjago movie. That one should be next. Judging from this new special feature clip, from the Lego Movie DVD and Blu-ray, it will be just as irreverent as the 'first' film in the series.


There's at least 30 seconds more of that on the Blu-ray, maybe as much as… oh, 40, 42.

Okay, maybe that's no indicator of where they're really going with Ninjago – there's certainly no promise being made – but I don't see what else the clip is there for.

Ninjago is being by Dan and Kevin Hageman and will be directed by Charlie Bean, alum of TV animation.

The Lego Movie is one of my favourite films in a very long time. That disc is very much recommended. The UK release is set for 21st July. Tooooo loooooong. Thank heavens for import.