Special Preview - Star Mage #3 From IDW This Week Where Magic Is Serious Business

Special Preview – Star Mage #3 From IDW This Week Where Magic Is Serious Business

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Star Mage from IDW arrives in its third issue this week, written by science fictionally-immersed prose writer turned comics crafter JC De La Torre. In fact, he’s so immersed in sci-fi that he runs his own sci-fi themed podcast and has a TARDIS in his living room. Star Mage debuted to a warm reception and has gone from strength to strength in the hands of artist Franco Cespedes, following the life of young Darien Connors as he finds himself leaving a rather harsh teen world behind to assume greater responsibilities and greater dangers in an intricately crafted universe among the stars that runs much more substantially on magic than technology. And its Darien’s own magic, of course, that puts him in the greatest danger from supposed allies and foes alike.

In issue #3, we’re set to find out whether Darien will even survive long enough to take the next step of his journey into Star Mage knowledge and what he could bring to the table in a very old struggle.

Here’s our insider look at issue #3 arriving Wednesday:

Cover-SM-3 OrasmasHeelTurn OrasmasRebels The Big Four Meet

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