Exclusive Alternative Artwork For Neat, Nasty Little Thriller, Cheap Thrills

On release in UK cinemas and by VOD right now is Cheap Thrills, an exceptionally effective little chamber piece thriller by Evan Katz. While the director, and screenwriters David Chirchirillo and Trent Haaga, deserve plenty of praise for what they pull off here, it’s the stars Pat Healy and David Koechner who are, really, the face of the film.

And it just so happens one of them is a battered, bloody face, as you can see on this ‘alternative’ promo art for the film.

Cheap Thrills - Exclusive Alternative Artwork - Bleeding Cool

To put that images ideas in context, I’ve included the film’s trailer at the foot of this post though, really, you may prefer to see the movie first and avoid any sort of spoiling of its twists and turns.

Cheap Thrills is playing in cinemas in ‘key cities’ across the UK now, and its a good film to see with a crowd. It’s also available via VOD services such as iTunes and Film4OD, and most likely whichever other service you prefer. Meanwhile, the film was also recently released to Blu-ray, DVD and download in the US.