Bill Finger Gets His Cover Credit For Detective Comics #27 For Batman Day

Bill Finger Gets His Cover Credit For Detective Comics #27 For Batman Day

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It’s a tale that most comic fans know well. Bill Finger is the co-creator of Batman, alongside Bob Kane, with Jerry Robinson adding many of the details that we know today about the character and his world. Indeed many dispute Bob Kane’s involvement in that co-creation, including Carmine Infantino. But clever old Bob Kane managed to arrange a deal with the publisher to give himself sole creator credit and a pretty decent (for the time) royalty scheme as well. And every Batman comic, TV show, film since has credited Bob Kane as the creator of Batman.

And Bill Finger? His story, told recently by Bill The Boy Wonder: The Secret Co-Creator Of Batman, saw the man live without credit (or pay) and die in 1974.

And since cover credits were a thing brought in more commonly in the eighties and nineties, he never got that either.

Well, in the Batman comic being given away to stores for the anniversary of the creation of the character this month, he finally gets that at least. Reprinting work from the original Detective Comics #27 that first features Batman, his name is up there in lights. Probably not with a co-creator credit inside, Bob Kane’s contract remains watertight after his death, but it’s something…

Because right now, all is not good with DC Comics and Finger’s family…



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