Andy Serkis Discusses Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes And Performance Capture

I’ve had an absolutely back-breaker of a schedule this week, zipping about here and there in search of… well, mainly things I can’t talk about yet. But I can tell you that I sat down for a chat with Andy Serkis about Dawn of the Planet of the Apes and the state of the art in performance capture.

This video… isn’t that. This is a Q&A that happened earlier on the same evening, edited down to more manageable bits. I was in the audience, but saving my questions for later.


Incidentally, I saw a significant portion of the new Apes and I was very impressed. There’s a really complex set-up at work here, a lot of ambition in the storytelling and, most excitingly of all, a great thematic reach. The filmmakers have something to say, and they’re trying to say it.