Your New Helena Bertinelli For The New 52 In Today’s Nightwing #30 (UPDATE)

Helena Bertinelli was The Huntress. But that was in a different reality. This is how she used to look,


And this is how she looks in Arrow.

Muse of FireA

In Worlds’ Finest #1 of the New 52, The Huntress is revealed that the Huntress is Helena Wayne from Earth 2, that Helena Bertinelli dies ages ago and that Helena Wayne assumed her name.

wf 1_pg1a

But init was revealed that a new Helena Bertinelli will appear as Dick Grayson’s partner in Grayson.

Nrama: But it’s not Huntress. This is a different, New 52 take on the character.

King: This is the New 52 appearance of the new Helena Bertinelli.

Seeley: Yeah, it’s not Helena Wayne, the Huntress. It’s Helena Bertinelli.

And what new take? This new take… from Nightwing #30.


Dig the mask… and the seventies vibe. There’s been a lot of that around the place today…

UPDATE: Writer Tim Seeley has just published his own designs for the character, the latter of which was rejected for being too superheroey.


And for even greater spoilers, from the final page of Nightwing #30, another look…


That’s a familiar looking cross…



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