CGC’s Ex-President Launches New Comics Grading Service, CBCS


Steve Borock was the President of comics slabbing and grading company CGC. He was also their primary grader

He left CGC to work for Heritage Auctions in 2008, specialising in their handling of valuable comic books including those of Don & Maggie Thompson, and worked on the board of comics veteran charity, HERO.

CPG_AC1-1On June 3rd, his new company launches, Comic Book Certification Service, which appears to be another slabbing and grading company.

What’s the difference between them and CGC? It’s hard to say, though they do promise “quality grading, superior customer service & guaranteed turn around times”. On Borock’s page, retailer Dennis Barger states,

I mean all they have to not do is try to not extort us for everything, improperly grade books, not hold them for 5 months, incorrectly charge us, damage the books while they are in their care and half a dozen other things a certain other company has been accused of.

I wonder if they’ll offer a reliable UK-based service as well?

CBCS will be taking submissions early at the Indy PopCon in Indianapolis from May 30th, where Steve will be carrying out restoration checks on comic books for free – a subject that has caused considerable CGC controversy of late.

There have been other rivals to CGC – PGX, The Vault and more, But none with the pedigree Borock brings to the grading table…

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