A Mythos, Grimmly

A Mythos, Grimmly

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A Mythos Grimmly : Retail Cover Art

A Mythos Grimmly. A Lovecraftian Fairy Tale Anthology. Edited by Jeremy Hochhalter, published by Wanderer’s Haven Publications. Authors : Joseph S. Pulver, Sr., Peter & Mandy Rawlik, E. Catherine Tobler, John Claude Smith, Mary SanGiovanni, Silvia Moreno-Garcia, Robert M. Price, Richard Gavin, Brian Kaufman, Willim Meikle, Tracie McBride, Brett J. Talley, J.F. Gonzalez, Desmond Reddick, Michael Wentela, Tom Lynch, Michael Griffin, Nick Nafpliotis, Morgan Griffith, Jeff C. Carter, Christine Morgan, Michael M. Hughes, Jayaprakash Satyamurthy, Benjamin AH Cameron, David J. Fielding, J.J. Wilchhatler, and James Pratt. Stretch goal contributors include Jason Andrew, Siobhan Gallagher, Chantal Boudreau, L. Chan, John Goodrich, Tim Jeffreys, Sierra July, Michael Lindquist, Christopher Peruzzi, Daniel W. Powell, Evan Purcell, and David-John Tyrer. Kickstarter ends on June 8th at midnight, and we expect to have books in backers hands by early December, 2014.

Jeremy Hochhalter writes,

Fairy tales have been told in every culture since the beginning of the spoken word.  Every corner of the world has stories of fairies, cats who talk, things that go bump in the night.  What better way to expand on those tales than to mash them up with Lovecraftian horror Mythos?  Most fairy tales are dark morality stories to begin with…  A Mythos Grimmly brings you those concepts with a strong dose of madness mixed in.  The anthology will include AT LEAST 25 unique tales, never before published in the world of men.

This collection is far from just a lightly stirred combination of different stories. The authors are taking the concepts from each side of things, and making a whole new world of their own. We have modern day tales, far-flung future sci-fi stories, and re-imaginings of stories only mentioned in previous author’s works. The King in Yellow makes appearances, as well as the Black Goat of the Woods. We have cultists and shoggoths and innocents going mad, all mixed in with fairy tale wonder. Fairy tales chosen by the authors go beyond just Grimm, and cover cultures from around the globe.

The Kickstarter features some really fantastic, exclusive items. We worked with plushie creators My Creepy Critters, and MandablesCreations to make tier awards and add-ons, including fairy tale Cthulhus (Red Riding Hood and Puss ‘n’ Boots) as well as an ugly doll version of the King in Yellow. We have an art print of a nefarious nightgaunt, who appears to be pulling the wings off of a fairy (is he playing She Loves Me, She Love Me Not?).


We are also featuring a Kickstarter exclusive cover, available only during the duration of the campaign. The illustration will include the front and back of the book, and is being done by Abigail Larson. If we meet stretch goals, she will also be creating interior artwork for all of the stories included in the book. A retail cover has been created by Absinthe Photography, and features an Evil Queen who has perhaps asked the wrong Magic Mirror for advice.

Further stretch goals include additional authors, a print added on to the backer tiers as a bonus, and a release party, which we are working to have held at Necronomicon 2015. If these stretch goals are reached, they will open up great new add-ons, including prints of the new artwork, a replica crown of the fairy tale King in Yellow, and tickets to the release party.

The Kickstarter for A Mythos Grimmly can be found here:

Become a fan of Wanderer’s Haven Publications here:

If the Facebook page reaches 500 fans over the weekend, we’re going to do a Bleeding Cool giveaway, and one lucky fan who likes and shares a post of the Kickstarter (you’ll know the post on the page when you see it) will receive a fairy tale Cthulhu from My Creepy Critters.

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