Report: Drew Goddard Has Left Marvel’s Daredevil Series – UPDATE: Steven DeKnight Is In Instead

daredevil-reboot-20110316005425170-3415435_640wAccording to Latino Review, Cabin in the Woods‘¬†Drew Goddard has left the Marvel¬†Daredevil series that’s being put together for Netflix. He was working as the showrunner and was expected to write and direct at least the first episode.

Is this a move made out of solidarity with Edgar Wright, or is the timing just coincidental? While Joss Whedon has hoist an ice cream in the air, has Drew Goddard walked away from a huge gig on principle? I expect there’s more to it than this, and I expect his commitment to Sony’s Sinister Six movie is somehow involved.

Daredevil is due to start shooting fairly soon, in New York City. New creatives will no doubt be appointed quickly.

Can you imagine the scenes in the Marvel Studios war room this weekend?

UPDATE: Goddard’s sometime colleague in the Buffy and Angel writers’ room, Steven S. De Knight, will be the new showrunner. The Hollywood Reporter say he’s finalising his deal.

Perhaps the most important part of the new report is that Goddard is going to remain as a ‘consultant’ on Daredevil. This suggests the split is less than acrimonious and likely has everything to do with his Sinister Six commitments.