Funko’s Even Smaller-Sized Guardians Of The Galaxy Are Very Cute

Funko have created Pop! toys for the Guardians of the Galaxy that stand at… what? Six inches? Five? Something like that. They have also created minis, and these will be smaller. How much smaller? I’m not a toy collector so I don’t really know but I saw these at Super Punch, and I did find them terribly appealing.

Who wouldn’t want a pocket sized Dave Batista?

funko mini
Every Amazon page for a Funko product I’ve ever seen includes things like “Collect them All!” and “Perfect for your desk or bookshelf” but also, without fail, 100% of the time, “Funko Did It Again!” Brilliant.

Now can we have Mini Minis please? The sort of thing that could hide out in the bottom of a cereal box?