First Trailer For ABC’s Musical Comedy Fantasy Show, Galavant

Reminiscent of The Princess Bride, Enchanted and… um… Ella Enchanted, Galavant is a new “musical comedy fairytale,” set to run on ABC from the next midseason break. Which I think, as a Brit, means January, doesn’t it?

Anyway, it’s created by Dan Fogelman, who scripted Crazy Stupid Love, one of my favourite rom coms… well, ever, really. So that’s good. And the songs are by the very well-tested, very much-true team of Alan Menken and Glenn Slater.

Here’s the first trailer. Those not in the US will need to be careful and trick the internet into thinking they are.


Well, that wasn’t hilarious but I remain hopeful. There’s certainly some good ideas in there, and I just like that ABC have decided to take a punt on this.