A Gotham Featurette – Footage, Talking Heads And The Joker On A Hook (Sort Of)

Danny Cannon, director of the Judge Dredd movie for which nobody ever mounted a sequel campaign, pops up in this Gotham featurette and delivers a bit of marketing spiel to die for.

Knowing that Gotham is an “origin of the villains” show, Cannon tells us that we’ll want to tune in every week… because if we don’t, we might miss the first appearance of The Joker.

Oh, that Danny Cannon. He should have been an East End barrow boy with skills like those. And you can read that any way you want.


I trust Danny Cannon and Bruno Heller as far as I could throw them, and to be honest, I’m not sure I could even pick them up. When it comes to new comics-to-TV series for the next year, my chips are on Agent Carter.