Hannibal Renewed For A Third Season


It's the kind of day where TV renewals and dismissals are filling the headlines. Here's one of the nice kind.

Bryan Fuller's Hannibal has been given the thumbs up for a third season by NBC. The show is, I understand, relatively cost effective for them, and it's certainly a prestige project.

Fuller had recently said he was making contingency plans for continuing the show elsewhere if NBC should balk. It won't be necessary for Plan B – not this year, at least.

I do hope Fuller does get the full run he's dreaming of, allowing the show the scope to recount stories from Thomas Harris' novels in a Fuller-ised form. The more lyrical, gothic stylings of this series will render those already well-told stories in a fresh fashion, and more than that, the possibilities for playing with audience pre-conceptions and expectations are exciting in their own right.