The Future Of The Superior Spider-Man

During C2E2, Bleeding Cool ran this image, flipped up during the Spider-Man panel, that seemed to show a future for Superior Spider-Man, the Doc Ock-possessed Spider-Man.

spiderverseteaser (1)

After all, we had just seen the death of Octavius. How could there be any future?And that future did seem to resemble that of Marvel's 2099. How was that possible? Well, for that we have to go back to Superior Spider-Man #19. And a Superior Spider-Man embedded in time twisting reversals, trying to save everything from a paradox.



And that was the end of him for a few pages. Until the Horizon folk stepped in.


Well, it worked for Doctor Who.


Can't remember? Chapter closed? Well, that won't stand, will it. What did he get up to? And when? Who was he talking to?

Superior Spider-Man 2099. Possibly by Matt Fraction? Look for a solicitation soon…



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