Failure Is Not An Option

Failure Is Not An Option

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Mark C. Frankel writes,

I’m writing this early on Saturday morning on Free Comic Book day, largely because that’s when life dictates I do it. If you want to be part of the indie comic game that just how it works. Until you’ve successfully turned your brand into something that can sustain itself, expect to spend a lot of time writing, drawing, tweeting, schmoozing, whatever, during those odd hours when your other job doesn’t require your attention (probably all day Monday through Friday, right?). Throw in a spouse, kids, home repairs and anything else that life brings you then your time suddenly gets really limited.

I’ve come to accept that. I’ve also throw almost all my available money into our company, Wayward Raven Media. I won’t say how much, but let’s just say I’d have a much bigger house (four of us share a basic two bedroom home) or a much nicer car (the first one I ever purchased is still running just fine – Nissan Maxima 1998) and probably have a lot more great vacation pictures. That’s okay, it’s my choice. I want to succeed at making comic books and understand there are sacrifices.


Not everyone has those choices. One of my closest friends, writing partner, and business partner in this wayward venture had obligation thrust upon him. He answered the call because he’s the kind of guy who couldn’t possibly not do the right thing. For the better part of the latest two decades he has been taking care of his mother who has almost died upon multiple occasions. I really can’t do his story justice, so instead I’ll just put a link to the update he did in our Kickstarter campaign.

For me, this is a choice. I might be miserable if I quit writing and lost my creative outlet to become another 9-5 drone (9 to 5? Really? Does anyone still only work 9 to 5? I meant 7 to 7 or maybe 8 to 8), but for Josh it is his ONLY outlet. Failure for him is not an option.

Ok, so who are we? We are three guys who started a comic book, book and media business that launched in Artist Alley at New York Comic Con in 2012. We publish three comic book titles, The Ascendant, Horsemen and Signed C: the missing. Recently we signed a deal to publish James Emmett’s comic book The Committee. You can see all of our titles at


Right now we are running a Kickstarter and are asking for just a little capital to help get the second issue of Signed to the printers. It is done. We are only looking for enough money to pay for printing and our artists. If you decide to take a look, you’ll see the goal is quite reasonable ($2400) and that the pledge packages are likewise economical and fun. For example, five comic book PDFs for only $7 or the opportunity to be drawn as a hero or villain in our webcomic Damn Heroes for only $45. With the second one, you get both issues of Signed too. Plus, we just administered a referral campaign. If a backer refers a friend, and they back the project then they will get additional rewards. It is all spelled out in Update 11 in the Kickstarter campaign. And, we also just included an ebook of the paranormal novel The Cell for anyone who backs the project, even $1.

I hope that you’ll take a peek at our project. I would truly appreciate the opportunity to bring our work to you. The whole campaign can be found right here. Thanks for giving us a shot!

By the way, we don’t think just one Free Comic Book day is enough. We started giving away Signed #1 online on Friday and will keep it going until Monday. You can get the comic book here

Mark C. Frankel


Wayward Raven Media



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