Robert Downey Jr. Reportedly Keen To Cast Jack Nicholson In Sherlock Holmes 3

sherlock holmes 2

For a while last year both Linda and myself were chasing a Jack Nicholson rumour that, ultimately, failed to pan out. It looked like he was coming back onto the scene for a big project, but he didn’t. He was certainly on the producers’ hit list, however.

And so it is again. Radar Online are reporting that Robert Downey Jr. is keen to cast Nicholson in his third Sherlock Holmes movie.

They’ll definitely be basing this on something. What exactly is anybody’s guess.

What may be less dependable are the details of their report. This is where Radar and their ilk tend to gussy things up a bit. For example:

Sources told Radar that Nicholson stepped away from acting because he could no longer remember his lines. Still, the One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest Oscar winner DOES recall how much money he used to rake in as one of Hollywood’s most popular actors.

Downey and Sherlock Holmes sequel director Guy Ritchie “are both courting Jack for the movie and Bob’s even cutting his fee in the movie so Jack can get the most money he’s been paid since the ’90s.

“It’s the only way he’ll leave that golf course.”

Downey’s Holmes films have had as many original characters as those from Conan Doyle, if not more so, but perhaps there’s an obvious role from the canon that Nicholson would suit.

Perhaps. I can’t think of it, but anyway.